#4. Don’t try to convince somebody about something they don’t know about in the first place.

Trust me. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t help. Sheer waste of time and energy.


#3. Don’t use multiple punctuation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please………Please…….Please……don’t do that!!!!!! Agreed, you would like to emphasise. Agreed, you wish to swear. Agreed, you would like some attention. Agreed, you have too many emotions to handle in your head. But this is so not the way.  “An amazing trip!!!!!” is not going to get any more amazing than it is when its just “An amazing trip!” And a question is not going to have any more questions when you end the question with “?????????”.  And you know when it gets worse? When you are dressed in well-ironed formals, sit in an airconditioned, well-designed office, behave like you are the smartest “professional” and type out those e-mails at work. All that you do is make the message look UGLY, and make yourself look STUPID. As for me? I am just going to hope that multiple apostrophes don”””””””””””””””””””t catch on.


 ‘Challenges’ I am sure this is not a new word to us. We face challenges everyday throughout our existence on this planet. Challenges are present everywhere, at school, at work, at home. We face challenges with our spouse, children, colleagues, teachers, peers, rivals…and the list goes on, so much so that people call Life itself as a challenge as there are so many ups and downs, makes and breaks in relationships, not to forget situational challenges.

However, the greatest challenge is one’s own mind. Often, it is possible to take charge of everything else, but taking control of one’s own mind turns out to be a Herculean task. Being master of one’s mind is no less then being the master of the world. If the mind, one’s best friend, can be controlled and taken charge of, then time, relationships, life, everything can be managed and taken charge of. 

If the sense of well being, tranquility, inner peace can be instilled in one’s mind, then he can be the king of the world and his life would be a bed of roses. But, if it’s otherwise, he can be worse than a beggar. This is where spirituality, the science of managing one’s mind comes in. Spirituality, not bound by the confines of religion helps you realize, and is most of the times an eye-opener, to the world’s realities. 

It can help you see the change you want to see. Life can be the most beautiful thing you ever had, but it all depends if you really want to be that way.