Life on Moon!

Get ready to buy a property on moon as a new analysis of volcanic glass collected during the Apollo missions in the 1970s has revealed that water is present beneath the Moon’s parched surface. (Here’s a fine example to prove that appearances are deceptive!)

The researchers at the Brown University have found that up to 50 parts per million of water are trapped in tiny spheres of volcanic glass. So finally, life on moon may someday change into a reality and who knows maybe we will be able to visit our farmhouses for a summer break!


Antarctica ice shelf hanging

Yesterday, while reading the newspaper, I got the shock of my life when I read about a large plate of floating ice shelf which is known by the name ‘Wilkins Ice Shelf’ attached to Antarctica was breaking up and just hanging by its last thread. You may ask me now ‘How is that possible?’ Well, I am sure most of us know the answer as it is the same cause which we read about almost everyday as if it were a part and a parcel of our life. You must have guessed it by now. Yes it is none other than Global Warming.

We all know that the Antarctica peninsula has had one of the highest rates of global warming anywhere in the world in the recent decades. But now even the scientists are beginning to get concerned and puzzled as to how this latest breakup occurred when atmospheric temperatures were at their lowest, I repeat lowest, in the Southern Hemisphere.

According to the newspaper sources – David Vaughan of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said “Current events are showing that we were being too conservative, when we made the prediction in the early 1990s that Wilkins Ice Shelf would be lost within 30 years. The truth is it is going more quickly than we guessed.”

Amazing Facts!

Did you know these amazing facts about our human body? I was shocked to know when I heard it for the first time. I am sure you will also feel the same if you go on and scroll down.

The average human body holds enough sulphur to kill all the fleas on an average dog; potassium to fire a toy cannon; carbon to make 900 pencils; fat to make 7 bars of soap; 10 gallons of water and phosphorus to make 2,200 match heads.

Do you have any more to add on to this list? Feel free to do so.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

In this highly competitive world, telecom has become an essential part of our lives irrespective of caste and creed in our society. Gone are the olden days, when people used to wait for days or even months to receive a letter from their near and dear ones. In today’s world wireless connections like mobile phones have taken the place of pigeons and hand-written letters, making communication much easier and faster. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages and mobile phones are no exceptions. They impact our health thereby affecting our wealth also.

Tumors, earaches, impairment of hearing capacity are just some of the effects caused by the happening cell phones. The radiations emitted also affect our heart, especially if they are kept in the shirt pocket. According to some scientists, the radiations may even cause cancer. In addition, complaints of cell phone explosions from around the world are reported in which many people have lost their eyesight, hearing power and have got serious burns all over their face and hands.

Mobile phones, unquestionably useful tools, have spoilt people as they are loosing their memory capacity and have reached a stage where they have become indispensable and even the thought of losing or misplacing them scares people. In layman terms, people become helpless if they have to be without their cell phones even for half an hour!

Though we use mobile phones as a communicating tool, it is lessening the face to face interactions within the family itself. This is very harmful to human values and to the society as a whole. Seeing each other in person and having face to face conversations helps people to have better relations and understanding than through mobile phones.

So at the end of this, don’t you agree with me that the impacts due to mobile phones are predominantly on to the negative side?

Honking a nuisance?

The answer to this question, most scientists, environmentalists etc., would say yes. Nowadays, people who drive vehicles just don’t care about the people around them and the earth itself being affected. According to a survey conducted by a few news channels recently report that most people honk as they find it entertaining and use it as a medium to express their impatience. The question still remains…what does the government or the citizens of India do to stop the honking mania? In answer to this the Mumbai police broke the ice by enforcing a rule on 7th April ’08 that no citizen should honk in Mumbai unless he/she wanted to loose a five-hundred or a thousand rupee note. Don’t you think this is a good way to avoid the ill-effects caused by the noise pollution like headaches, loosening of hearing capacity, impatience, accidents, short & hot temperedness etc? In my opinion, it should be practiced in other cities of India as well and should be passed as a law that honking must be avoided and used only if it is essential. Don’t you think so?

What should schools be like?

People often wonder, “In which school should I send my child to so that my child can face the modern world?” In my opinion,

To prepare today’s younger citizens to face the modern world they need to be fully-equipped and in order to prepare them, the educational system must be such, which will develop their personality and help them be all-rounders. Schools should encourage co-operative leaning by giving them projects which would inculcate the value of team-work. Communication skills are very important to express ideas and children can gain exposure through journal writing, creative drama etc. Reading good books and newspapers will help children to see the world with new perspectives. Children should be encouraged to know the culture and tradition thus helping to pass on requisite knowledge to future generations. This can be achieved by the means of music, drama, dance etc.students should be encouraged to write art reviews which will not only help their writing skills but will help them to respect and appreciate art. Problem solving and crisis management skills need to be developed to avoid stress and to achieve this goal-a creative, free-wheeling & resourceful approach to problems can be scored by virtue of the sheer practicality of lateral thinking which will train students to use innovative methods of thought to equip them better to tackle the changing scenario of the modern world. But what about the children wilth learning disabilities? For this all schools must have dyslexia centers under specially trained teachers to work at addressing the specific learning disabilities that hinder his/her academic progress. In today’s world physical education ios more essential than ever which can be encouraged though promotion of taking sporting activity helping develop spirit, surviving skills and a balance between both physically & mentally. To hone the students’ skills and widen their academic and co-curricular horizons, enrichment activities to enhance the talents of the potentially gifted children through competitive exams. Computer assisted learning programmes and audio-visual facilities will groom students to meet the challenges of the new techno world order and will also improve their listening and speaking skills respectively. Guest-lectures will bring nuggets of wisdom and discovery methods will make science and math classes more interesting. Service programmes should be taken up to teach the children the value of code of conduct and to render service to the community in the spirit of humanity and dedication.