Please Treasure Trees

Treasure-Tree-Newhalem-WashingtonTrees are nature’s wonders, the greatest gift to mankind which the human race has exploited to its benefit, to such an extent that Earth has become a concrete jungle when it must have been going green and clean. Instead, the earth has been cleared of plants, trees, wildlife and all which are parts of nature’s beauty.

I am sure; there isn’t a requirement for me to list out the benefits or rather blessings which the human race has been graciously endowed with, due to trees. Trees have helped man from times immemorial, satisfying man’s need and have now been cleared in large numbers to satisfy man’s everlasting greed.

Can’t we humans realize that we have unknowingly, adversely affected our living conditions as we have now started to borrow our children’s world? We are using up all that is available on Earth in huge amounts and are thereby 012TreasureTreeensuring that nothing or very negligible amounts of resources, one of them being trees and our immediate surroundings are left for our future generations. This, my dear friends, is a major cause for concern for all.

All that I would like to say is…Please Treasure Trees as these are our lifelines. Without these, we cannot survive. So, friends, for your survival, for your children’s survival, for the world’s survival, let trees also survive and form a major part of our immediate environment. Let’s not make them antique pieces to only be found in museums or just some little patches but let them be a part and parcel of our lives, our environment, and our earth.


2 thoughts on “Please Treasure Trees

  1. Hello Saniya,

    This is Rajesh Surana, I have gone through your blog in yocee and was happy to read the same,

    Please keep the good work.

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