To Give is to Live

In today’s world, everyone wants to be famous, everyone wants their name to be known world over, their name to be recalled and recalled with respect, but none realize what once Martin Luther King quoted – “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve”.

We don’t realize that people whom we consider to be great and famous personalities, have, in their own way, given and served the society.

We have long forgotten the art of giving, the art of spreading wealth, happiness and most importantly, the thing the world needs most – love. Giving can hardly be described – but if I were to do it in a single word, the word which first comes to my mind is Joyous. Yes, I believe that, Giving is Joyous.

Unfortunately, today, we can count on our fingertips, the number of people who give – give from the bottom of their heart, and not give to show to the world, that they are being extremely generous and great, not give to gain something in return, not even respect. They are many people who give but very few who give truly.

I am deeply saddened at this state of affairs, even in India – a country which has produced several people who have not only always strived but have succeeded to serve truly and give back what they have acquired from the society. Our own Father of the Nation – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, has struggled, endured so much, to give freedom, free his beloved country from the clutches of the British. Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose are again examples – they have sacrificed their lives for India, for Indians.

Today Indians can sleep peacefully, because the freedom strugglers have had sleepless nights. We can speak without restraint, walk wherever we want, do almost anything and everything at our own time, own pace, all because of them, their determination, their perseverance and their sacrifice.

When our forefathers and other people all around the world like scientists, philosophers, educationists, leaders, and so many other people have given so much to the world, just so that we lead a comfortable or rather a luxurious life, can’t we give a little in order to make someone else’s life who is not as privileged as us, better?

Give, Give my dear friends and notice the satisfaction you get. Test the power of giving for yourself.


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