What is life? A Monopoly?


This question might seem strange to many, but this has so much meaning and depth to it, I realized on playing a game of monopoly. During the game, all of us tried to win the game by hook or crook. We fought for add-on cards, for rent, for money. We tried to interrupt and stop other people trading cards which we wanted for our own benefit. Only a few saw the bigger picture and tried to enjoy the game and have fun as we played the game turn by turn. If not for these few, who brought in life to the game with their thoughts, their ideologies, their perceptions & their mere presence the game would have been monotonous & staid . But, in real life, one may not be as lucky as that. We may not find or realize those few near us, who live life fully.

We can experience this, in our daily lives. We see people in a hurry to get to work, frantically honking on the way back home too, so that they don’t miss their favourite television shows, not realizing the fact that most, if not all, are repeated several times a day. But no, I will do what I feel like, when I feel like, and how I feel like. This is the attitude of the people today. No one has the time to spare even to drop in and say a hello to the neighbours. We don’t see our neighbours’ faces for weeks together, sometimes even months. Is this life all about, running to the grocery shop, running in order to not miss the daily bus, running to school/office, running to the doctor for a slight cold? Did the Almighty create this whole wide world and us, human beings just to run around? Is life just all about running around, trying to fulfill our never-ending list of wishes and trying to get that so-called happiness? Does this world just consist of forever-agitated masses, breathing, eating and sleeping? Is life just all about this?

I leave this question unanswered in this blog post, as it is for you to decide whether your life is all about this. If not, think my dear friends, how you can just add a few wonderful moments with the important people in your life, and make life interesting, and you will find your life, worth living. Before ending this post, I would just like to give my definition of life – “A collection of moments, made special by you and maybe a few others”. This is life all about in my perspective. So, my dear friends, forget the past and live the present fully, as these presents make up your life. Aaj jeele, kisko pata kal ho na ho! (English translation – Live life fully today, you never know, there may not be a tomorrow)


3 thoughts on “What is life? A Monopoly?

  1. Nice blog and good flow of thoughts. Keep up the Good work, Saniya. Write more often.

    Visit my blog and Do get in touch.


  2. @Anbusivam Thank you, for your kind words. I’ll definitely try my best to be more regular and will visit you blog too. Thank You once again.

    @Joan I am glad that my post has been helpful to you. You are welcome to visit my blog, always. Thank you and I must say – losing thirty pounds in thirty days, is quite a feat! Congratulations!

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