Let’s Celebrate…

images1 Happy Republic Day, my dear (Indian) Readers!

On the occasion of India’s 59th Republic Day, I am deeply disturbed to have realized that we Indians do not celebrate this important day with great pomp and splendour as we do our other festivals, Friendships day and Valentine’s Day. Why is this with us, Indians? 26th January every year, is such an important date. This is the date when the Indian Constitution came into force. This is the day when we started to use the freedom, won by the great leaders of our country. Instead of celebrating this day, we sit in our air-conditioned homes, feel pleased to have an extra holiday, and utilize this day as any other Sunday by sleeping, watching movies etc.

There are a very few Indians who view the Republic Day Parade in person or images11on television.Most of us don’t express our patriotism, which we must. We blame everyone around us for each and everything that goes wrong, starting from a pin not found in its place to terrorist attacks. Do we express our patriotism, that we blame the politicians for everything going wrong? I don’t say that politicians are 100% right, but when we don’t pay respects to our country, how can we expect them to?

If we, citizens take the Republic Day so lightly and pass the day, like any other weekend, even they would do the same and not work for the welfare of the country. If we citizens become more enthusiastic and show our care and concern for the country, I am sure India would reach greater heights. To conclude, I would just say that please allow the Indian in you, to wake up. Jaago India, Jaago.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate…

  1. While we have a lot to be proud of on India’s Republic Day, we also have to remember that we still have a long way to go. The youth of our country are the ones who can help India reach a point where every child is educated, and every person has food to eat; where health care and clean water are available to every citizen.

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  2. Hey Saniya!

    I am Srinitya! Sheba’s Friend ( Sugar’n sizzles). I asked her for blogs to read and she showed me urs! so… yuup…hey

  3. Hey Saniya….
    u can get tired of my flower but i cant get tired of that article.

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