Santa Season: A Myth?


Four years back, a friend of mine, had composed a poem about Santa Claus which I had preserved due to my fascination and liking towards Santa. In this post, you, my dear readers, will be first witnessing the fascination of a young ten-year old girl towards Santa Claus and secondly I describe how a myth can be more than good, almost necessary to society.

Go out of your house on Christmas night

A small red shiny star will be at sight

You can hear the jingling bells

This is what a tiny bell tells

We sit beside a man all red and white

He’s coming to give good children a kite

His reindeer Rudolph’s red nose shines like a star

His sleigh with 7 reindeers makes up his car

He is the children’s hero

If they fight they get a big zero

In his mark list

Which he ties around his wrist

Good children get a ripe plum

Bad ones, all through Christmas have to stay glum

He carries a heavy bag

It has toys with a name tag

A pistol for Barney

A doll for Jenny

Guess who it is- I’m taking a pause,

This of course is Santa Claus.

With Christmas and New Year celebrations going on, all of us are in the holiday mode and this has been happening for years together and will go on for centuries to come. Christmas has been celebrated with pomp and splendour, round the globe, but have you ever wondered what Christmas,  actually does? Have you ever wondered just how a mythical Santa Claus, lifts the spirits of children? So let’s together, see, how Christmas lifts the spirits up.

For this, let’s imagine a Christmas without Santa Claus. If Santa the giver of gifts didn’t exist, the anticipation, the excitement of all the children with their long and almost never-ending wish list would be lost. Also, the charm of believing in the concept of Santa Claus who inspires good behaviour in children wouldn’t be there and without it, Christmas would be like a lamp without oil.

The Santa Claus village created from scratch, complete with a resident Santa Claus at Rovaniemi in Finland, makes thousands of children across the globe happy and even inspires them to write to Santa, to help shorten their wish list. With more than 8,00,000 mails are received and answered by Santa’s helpers every year and this doesn’t contribute insignificantly to the economy.

Santa, the epitome of the Christmas spirit of caring and sharing inspires, educates entertains and most importantly lifts our spirits up!


4 thoughts on “Santa Season: A Myth?

  1. i didnt know u blogged saniya!
    i did that pretty often too, but finally deleted all the entries coz i felt they were too private!

    but ur doing a great job!

  2. hey saniya,
    Nice post!!
    but btw actually wat do u mean by

    “but have you ever wondered what Christmas, though a myth, actually do”
    Christmas is a myth??

  3. Hi Sheba,
    No, I actually didn’t mean to say Christmas, entirely, is a myth. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. But yes, stories about Santa Claus etc. are myths, as far as I have heard.

  4. Hey Saniya,

    I hoped so!. and yea, stories about Santa claus etc atre myths ( atleast that’s what I’ve heard) but nice post! Keep up the good job
    P.S and remember you sent me a comment on facebook?? i replied it but you neva replied!!

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