The Direct Konnection

We have lived without it for time immemorial but now it is always cuddled up in our hands, either whispering in our ears as it caressed our cheek or close to our lips, making us chat for hours together. And yes, there is always this textual activity – the SMS-ing. And again, this mobile thingy gets charged up to do the same thing. What would happen if for a month, we would switch off our mobile phones barring ourselves from making and taking calls through our mobile phones. Think, what would be the impact of this experiment on our lives?

While some may think, our lives would be hell with only the landline at our disposal, and the irritation of not being able to be in touch while we are out, or calling each other while doing something else, just to save time, thinking we are managing time with the mobile phone at our disposal.

On the other hand, we can also think, that we will be able to realise real friendship, as people who really want to get in touch with you will, making use of the landline or the internet and some may even drop in to check whether everything’s alright (but that’s only if you truly have good relationships with people around).

One would also be contributing to reduce global warming, though in a minuscule way. But remember, drops of water make a mighty ocean. One may also use the money saved, (by not recharging one’s sim card) for charity or even improve our diets by eating more fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, one would reduce exposure to hazardous radiations and SMS-induced eye strain would also be avoided.

You would also not have to attend to umpteen disturbing, irritating, calls and text messages about fitness programmes, heavy discount sales, ringtones, bank loan offers etc. One would also be more active and wouldn’t be a total potato couch as one would have to take a few steps to reach the landline and also wouldn’t call for the car but instead walk up to it.

So, having read both schools of thought, what do you think would be a better lifestyle – with or sans mobile phones?


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