Technology used to cut down use of technology.

abrn244lAfter reading the title of my blog post, you may wonder how technology can be used to cut down use of technology. Well, this has occurred. Researchers at the University of Utah have found or rather invented a car key that prevents mobile use while driving. Isn’t technology being used to prevent mobile usage to reduce the number of road accidents?

This cost-effective solution to improve driving safety has been aptly named: ‘Key2SafeDriving’. The system includes a device that encloses a car key (which could be used by more members of a family). The device connects wirelessly with each key user’s mobile via either Bluetooth or RFID (radio-frequency identification) technologies. And when the engine is turned on with the automobile ignition key, a message is sent to the driver’s mobile, placing it in ‘driving mode’ and displaying a ‘stop’ sign on the phone’s display screen.

While in driving mode, users cannot use their mobiles to talk or send text messages, except for calling emergency nos. Researchers have also taken care of incoming calls which will be automatically answered with a message saying ‘I am driving now. I will call you later when I arrive at the destination safely’.


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