Santa Season: A Myth?


Four years back, a friend of mine, had composed a poem about Santa Claus which I had preserved due to my fascination and liking towards Santa. In this post, you, my dear readers, will be first witnessing the fascination of a young ten-year old girl towards Santa Claus and secondly I describe how a myth can be more than good, almost necessary to society.

Go out of your house on Christmas night

A small red shiny star will be at sight

You can hear the jingling bells

This is what a tiny bell tells

We sit beside a man all red and white

He’s coming to give good children a kite

His reindeer Rudolph’s red nose shines like a star

His sleigh with 7 reindeers makes up his car

He is the children’s hero

If they fight they get a big zero

In his mark list

Which he ties around his wrist

Good children get a ripe plum

Bad ones, all through Christmas have to stay glum

He carries a heavy bag

It has toys with a name tag

A pistol for Barney

A doll for Jenny

Guess who it is- I’m taking a pause,

This of course is Santa Claus.

With Christmas and New Year celebrations going on, all of us are in the holiday mode and this has been happening for years together and will go on for centuries to come. Christmas has been celebrated with pomp and splendour, round the globe, but have you ever wondered what Christmas,  actually does? Have you ever wondered just how a mythical Santa Claus, lifts the spirits of children? So let’s together, see, how Christmas lifts the spirits up.

For this, let’s imagine a Christmas without Santa Claus. If Santa the giver of gifts didn’t exist, the anticipation, the excitement of all the children with their long and almost never-ending wish list would be lost. Also, the charm of believing in the concept of Santa Claus who inspires good behaviour in children wouldn’t be there and without it, Christmas would be like a lamp without oil.

The Santa Claus village created from scratch, complete with a resident Santa Claus at Rovaniemi in Finland, makes thousands of children across the globe happy and even inspires them to write to Santa, to help shorten their wish list. With more than 8,00,000 mails are received and answered by Santa’s helpers every year and this doesn’t contribute insignificantly to the economy.

Santa, the epitome of the Christmas spirit of caring and sharing inspires, educates entertains and most importantly lifts our spirits up!




We hear quotations at many times, sometimes we find them too boring, too philosophical and sometimes we find them interesting, thought-provoking, simply wonderful… So here are a few quotations which I, personally categorize them in the latter group.

Problem can either make one or break one.

The hammer that breaks glass can shape steel, and break glass into pieces. It is up to us to be glass or steel. Let us pray ardently, that we gain the will power of steel and a vision of glass.

Life is weak when there are more doubts than trust. But life is at its strongest when you learn how to trust, inspite of all the doubts.

Keep moving Always

Life gives answers in three ways…

  • It says yes and gives whatever you want
  • It says no and gives something better
  • It says wait and gives you the best.

The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but, how we behave when we don’t know what to do!

Always start your day with these exercise tips:

  • Stretch your patience
  • Run miles of Faith
  • Flex your love for others and
  • Smile your heart out.

The Direct Konnection

We have lived without it for time immemorial but now it is always cuddled up in our hands, either whispering in our ears as it caressed our cheek or close to our lips, making us chat for hours together. And yes, there is always this textual activity – the SMS-ing. And again, this mobile thingy gets charged up to do the same thing. What would happen if for a month, we would switch off our mobile phones barring ourselves from making and taking calls through our mobile phones. Think, what would be the impact of this experiment on our lives?

While some may think, our lives would be hell with only the landline at our disposal, and the irritation of not being able to be in touch while we are out, or calling each other while doing something else, just to save time, thinking we are managing time with the mobile phone at our disposal.

On the other hand, we can also think, that we will be able to realise real friendship, as people who really want to get in touch with you will, making use of the landline or the internet and some may even drop in to check whether everything’s alright (but that’s only if you truly have good relationships with people around).

One would also be contributing to reduce global warming, though in a minuscule way. But remember, drops of water make a mighty ocean. One may also use the money saved, (by not recharging one’s sim card) for charity or even improve our diets by eating more fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, one would reduce exposure to hazardous radiations and SMS-induced eye strain would also be avoided.

You would also not have to attend to umpteen disturbing, irritating, calls and text messages about fitness programmes, heavy discount sales, ringtones, bank loan offers etc. One would also be more active and wouldn’t be a total potato couch as one would have to take a few steps to reach the landline and also wouldn’t call for the car but instead walk up to it.

So, having read both schools of thought, what do you think would be a better lifestyle – with or sans mobile phones?

New fuel of the New era

510_03131337bransleskolan1In this era, when we all are dependent upon exhaustible fossil fuels for transport, Lars Stenmark of Uppsala University (Sweden) has come up with a green alternative – Hydrogen balls. He believes that by storing hydrogen gas in small balls, we can overcome the risk of fires and explosions as storing the gas in a spherical form, will help it to withstand twice the pressure that a cylindrical form can. If the car crashes and the tank breaks, the hydrogen-filled balls would just spread out and roll away and the gas from any broken balls would simply seep out and disappear into the atmosphere, thus causing no harm to the environment.

So do you all agree with him? Can small ping-pong balls replace our fossil fuels and help us save the environment from further harm? Think about it.

Technology used to cut down use of technology.

abrn244lAfter reading the title of my blog post, you may wonder how technology can be used to cut down use of technology. Well, this has occurred. Researchers at the University of Utah have found or rather invented a car key that prevents mobile use while driving. Isn’t technology being used to prevent mobile usage to reduce the number of road accidents?

This cost-effective solution to improve driving safety has been aptly named: ‘Key2SafeDriving’. The system includes a device that encloses a car key (which could be used by more members of a family). The device connects wirelessly with each key user’s mobile via either Bluetooth or RFID (radio-frequency identification) technologies. And when the engine is turned on with the automobile ignition key, a message is sent to the driver’s mobile, placing it in ‘driving mode’ and displaying a ‘stop’ sign on the phone’s display screen.

While in driving mode, users cannot use their mobiles to talk or send text messages, except for calling emergency nos. Researchers have also taken care of incoming calls which will be automatically answered with a message saying ‘I am driving now. I will call you later when I arrive at the destination safely’.