Being a hero…

Being a hero…a thing few of us achieve and even fewer are acknowledged. For all the many people wanting to be a hero, remember ‘being a hero’ is an expression of perception. There are many ways to be a hero; many ways of being considered being one. You can be a hero by being a popular and approachable person in your circle or be a hero of the minute, by helping an aged woman cross the road.

Keep one thing in mind: being a hero is not determined by other people. At the end of the day, what you think of yourself will prove to be more important than what other people think of you. For those who disagree by saying that we are a race meant for being socially considered acceptable, consider this: everyone says you have achieved something; you are engulfed in the feeling that you have not accomplished anything but simply being overly-hyped. While you walk around smiling with faked modesty at anyone who compliments you, if you have one bit of your conscience left, your insides will be squirming with guilt. The impact other people have on you can only be to a certain extent.

However there is a flip side: if you have given your best, you have achieved, if you have sweated it out, fought against the tide, smiled at the odds and mocked at those who earlier mocked at you, by being a winner, but still, you do not get the deserving credit or acknowledgement, that is pain at its worst. It is the pain of being shunned into insignificance despite making a significant difference.

We all need some force to drive us on; to continually re-infuse that feeling of wanting to achieve. Sometimes we feel that we are not given the appropriate chances despite proving our mettle a dozen times. This should not rob us of motivation; the world is a cruel place and it can be battled only by being ready for it. There is no place in this world where there is equality all the time. There is prejudice and petty politics. While our job needs not be to reform the world, we must adapt to this harsh reality.

There is no avenue where there is a dearth of opportunities. If you feel that there is prejudice somewhere, try elsewhere to achieve. Whatever the situation, however the odds one thing is mandatory: you should never stop working. Be a hero in your own right to be one. If it is not possible to be a hero at school or at work or anywhere else, win accolades elsewhere. While they gloat their hero, you find solace in being a hero of your dreams and walk past them without losing confidence.

Then, you will always be a hero; the hero of your life, the architect of your dreams and the author of your destiny. If you can boldly fight prejudice and feeling of complete injustice and continue being motivated and achieve…you are a hero…

Source: PSBB Times


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