Brains or Money?

The importance of brain the epitome centre from where intelligence emanates comes from Chanakya, the prolific thinker in King Chandragupta Maurya’s court. In one incident, Chanakya, is willing to forego his money, legs, hands, eyes and every other thing except his brain. He believed that his existence was because of his brain power.

A person is known by the deeds one does and only a constructive and a positive use of the brain’s powers can make a man. It gives us the power to analyze, deduce and look into logic, helping us arrive at a conclusion and decision. How can we ever imagine life without reason and reason comes through brain?

The brain works for 24 hours yes, even when we are asleep. We are able to perform actions, ponder on thoughts, think logically, reason what is wrong and what is right, analyze circumstances, situations as processes, judge people, simply calculate or deduce and make a choice or arrive at a decision, all because of the power of our brain. These are just small examples or a peep into the window of the brains inherent abilities and capabilities. Great minds and thinkers like Einstein, Ramanujam, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Birbal, Karl Marx are just some of the many prolific thinkers who changed the world with their theories, inventions, discoveries and thinking. They are and will be known for their brain power.

The human brain has been utilized only to the extent of one hundred thousandth of its real capabilities. So we can imagine how much is left to explore the innumerable possibilities of its use. The advancement, progress, success and reputation achieved by man is only because of his brain.

Money, well it is only one of the outcomes or a by-product brought to life on Earth by the human mind for his economic and trading needs so as to organize and simplify the methods of exchange. Money can buy our needs, comforts and luxuries or other material possessions but can’t buy peace, love, friendship, attitude and happiness but the brain can be instrumentally used to win all these and the material needs and comforts we need.

People often say that one can buy brains by hiring people but these very brains have to be managed and mentored else it will lead to failures and disasters. A case in point is the erstwhile Birla Group which was split into many factions. But today, only Aditya Birla Group headed by Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla has outgrown whereas the other factions are practically non-entities. Thus I would like to conclude saying that – A brain dead person is as good as dead.


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