To My Country, My Pride

A country which has its roots etched in non-violence, dharma, and equality, today, celebrates its 61st year of Independence. Yes as all of you might have guessed, this country which I am writing about is none other than my motherland, India. This assumed to be poverty-stricken country, has accomplished a feat which is unprecedented i.e., to make a mark in the world in so less a time.

I take this opportunity to salute a country which has never resolved to violence in its entire history. To the country which values freedom. To the country which has given birth to so many heroes whose undying devotion for the country made it possible to free India from the 200 year long clutches of the British and also to so many other people whose achievements in various fields made India a proud nation.

Happy Independence Day! Celebrate freedom – an inalienable feeling!


2 thoughts on “To My Country, My Pride

  1. Hi Arjun,
    Glad we think alike on this topic. And for your question whether I am interested in software development and technology – Well, I am not too much into it but at the same time if I get the chance to read about it or learn about it in any way…I never leave the opportunity. I am fascinated by the people who contribute to technology which is indispensable in our lives.

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