Brains or Money?

The importance of brain the epitome centre from where intelligence emanates comes from Chanakya, the prolific thinker in King Chandragupta Maurya’s court. In one incident, Chanakya, is willing to forego his money, legs, hands, eyes and every other thing except his brain. He believed that his existence was because of his brain power.

A person is known by the deeds one does and only a constructive and a positive use of the brain’s powers can make a man. It gives us the power to analyze, deduce and look into logic, helping us arrive at a conclusion and decision. How can we ever imagine life without reason and reason comes through brain?

The brain works for 24 hours yes, even when we are asleep. We are able to perform actions, ponder on thoughts, think logically, reason what is wrong and what is right, analyze circumstances, situations as processes, judge people, simply calculate or deduce and make a choice or arrive at a decision, all because of the power of our brain. These are just small examples or a peep into the window of the brains inherent abilities and capabilities. Great minds and thinkers like Einstein, Ramanujam, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Birbal, Karl Marx are just some of the many prolific thinkers who changed the world with their theories, inventions, discoveries and thinking. They are and will be known for their brain power.

The human brain has been utilized only to the extent of one hundred thousandth of its real capabilities. So we can imagine how much is left to explore the innumerable possibilities of its use. The advancement, progress, success and reputation achieved by man is only because of his brain.

Money, well it is only one of the outcomes or a by-product brought to life on Earth by the human mind for his economic and trading needs so as to organize and simplify the methods of exchange. Money can buy our needs, comforts and luxuries or other material possessions but can’t buy peace, love, friendship, attitude and happiness but the brain can be instrumentally used to win all these and the material needs and comforts we need.

People often say that one can buy brains by hiring people but these very brains have to be managed and mentored else it will lead to failures and disasters. A case in point is the erstwhile Birla Group which was split into many factions. But today, only Aditya Birla Group headed by Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla has outgrown whereas the other factions are practically non-entities. Thus I would like to conclude saying that – A brain dead person is as good as dead.


To My Country, My Pride

A country which has its roots etched in non-violence, dharma, and equality, today, celebrates its 61st year of Independence. Yes as all of you might have guessed, this country which I am writing about is none other than my motherland, India. This assumed to be poverty-stricken country, has accomplished a feat which is unprecedented i.e., to make a mark in the world in so less a time.

I take this opportunity to salute a country which has never resolved to violence in its entire history. To the country which values freedom. To the country which has given birth to so many heroes whose undying devotion for the country made it possible to free India from the 200 year long clutches of the British and also to so many other people whose achievements in various fields made India a proud nation.

Happy Independence Day! Celebrate freedom – an inalienable feeling!

Things to consider before buying a Camcorder

Finding the right camcorder can be a difficult task and while selecting one you have to be careful as it will store your precious memories, memories you don’t want to be distorted. A bit of homework before buying can make it real easy.

Lens and Zoom: Camcorder manufacturers don’t always distinguish clearly between digital and optical zoom. Maximum optical zoom denotes the maximum zoom that the camcorder can achieve by moving its lens elements. You should expect at least 37x optical zoom, while an incredible 45x advanced zoom is what you get on Dual Flash Memory Camcorders from Canon. To test the lens and zoom: Put it somewhere steady and zoom all the way in. Frame an object in the exact centre of the screen. Now zoom out (without moving the camera), this object should stay in the centre. After zooming out, this object should still be sharp. If the test fails, simply refrain from buying that camera. Look for a lens that has super spectral coating like the Canon Video Lens which will reduce flare and ghosting to give you superb quality videos.

Viewfinder/LCD screen: Bigger LCD screens are preferable. Go for at least 2.5 inches (6.4cms). Check the screen in outdoor conditions as well, as some LCDs are harder to see in sunlight. Remember that the viewfinder uses less battery power than the LCD so you might want to check that out as well.

Ease of use: Try the controls yourself and make sure that all the buttons work properly. You never know when your best shot awaits you, so check for quick response time. The unique joystick and remote control options on the Dual Flash Memory Camcorders make the whole experience of shooting, a pleasure.

Outputs/Connectivity: Make sure you can connect the camcorder to your computer, TV and other devices. Ensure that all plugs fit properly; if they are loose at the time of purchase then chances are that they might just give in after sometime.

Image Stabilization: With a built-in Electronic Image Stabilizer, you never have to worry about blurred videos again. This allows it to accurately compensate for camera shake, giving you extremely steady shots even while panning or zooming.

Batteries: The amount of recording and playback time you get out of a battery varies, but most camcorders should be able to record for at least an hour with the included battery.

Low-light modes: Make sure that your camcorder has a night vision mode or a low-light mode. Though the video captured in this mode won’t be good as video captured in this mode won’t be as good as video captured in well-lit settings but this mode can be very useful in poorly illuminated settings.

So go ahead, get a camcorder which allows you to unleash your skills while you shoot, record and relive your memories.

Source: The Times of India