Aspire to Inspire

The moment I heard this phrase, it aroused my interest and set my thinking caps on! So here I am, penning down my thoughts on this wonderful, thought-provoking topic.

In my opinion, to aspire means to have a desire and strive towards fulfilling it. An aspiring individual has the fire required to accomplish his innermost ambitions and desires. On the other hand, to inspire is to stimulate an aspiration or desire in others. An inspiring individual has the uncanny potential to light the fire in others so that they can accomplish something in life.

Today many people inspire us like actors, business tycoons, sport stars and the list is endless. But how many people really aspire to inspire? These qualities together are rarely found in an individual, but those who possess it, are definitely achievers and just not dreamers.

Yes, every Tom, Dick and Harry don’t think about being an inspiration to others as in today’s world most people think of how to make the other person lose in the game of life but never think how to win the game. They always want to pull the person’s leg who is sincerely trying to reach the top of the ladder which is leading to success.

One may wonder that everyone wants to succeed in life, and so when one does succeed, he becomes an inspiration for others who have just begun to strive to achieve something. But there is a difference between an individual who succeeds and becomes an inspiration and an individual who succeeds to become an inspiration.

But still the question remains – Who are the people who aspire to inspire before they expire? Teachers and Parents play a very important role in the lives of children as they are the guiding light from where the young children get the aspiration from. Parents and teachers always hope for the best for their children and students. They are the people who aspire to inspire as they want their students and children to help them and their nation to be proud of them. A coach is another example of a being who aspires to inspire the team to win the game and come back.

Many people around the globe think that we get aspirations only from successful people but that’s not entirely true. An unsuccessful person can also light the spark in you as it will also be his/her achievement if you achieve something extraordinary which he/she once dreamt of but was unsuccessful in his/her attempt.

Today, we can see that people who are successful in their lives are not necessarily from well-to-do families. They are successful because they have seen the struggle and failures of other people in their family and they learn from others’ failures and try not to commit those same mistakes. Here are some examples of some great men who started their lives from scratch and managed to make a a place for themselves in this dominating world. – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs, Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, Mr. Lakshmi Mittal, and the list goes on and on.

In a nutshell, one who aspires to inspire is always passionate about helping individuals move beyond their limitations and help them see that they can do and be what they envision.


10 thoughts on “Aspire to Inspire

  1. Hmm really thought provoking!
    One point you missed though that “Aspire to Inspire” funda is very necessary in today’s world. We can’t do everything by own. Helping hands are always wel-come, right?
    By inspiring employees for example an entrepreneur can achieve his goals.
    All in all good article. (Can’t believe you are 13. XD )

  2. Hi Ashwin,

    Yes. That too can be a point. Thanks. By the way, that was a good example about the entrepreneur. One such living example is Robin Sharma.

  3. Looking for a logo or icon to depict “Aspire to inspire”. Can you help me or point me in a logical direction?

  4. Hi,

    Simply great. More so as this comes from a student. You are so clear in your thinking and expression. I read your poem also and liked it very much.

    BTW pl allow me to beat my own drums.

    I am A.Hari, a blogger based in chennai doing little work by posting inspiring real life stories in a blog called ‘ Inspire Minds’.

    Have a look when free and mail me ur thoughts & valuable feedback.


  5. I have a book by the same title (ASPIRE TO INSPIRE: Notable Notes. Quotable Quotes) being published by The Bombay Saint Paul Society-Better Yourself Books. It is a compilation of inspiring quotes, quips and anecdotes and includes caricatures by the well known cartoonist VINNS (Vijay N Seth) from Mumbai-India. The book will interest you and other like-minded readers.

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