Power Shortage!

We all hear about the approaching end of Earth’s resources, but do we really do something to secure the next generation’s future? Well, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has taken an initiative to cut down a little on the ever-rising power usage in the city. They have decided to suspend power for an hour everyday in Chennai and for two-hours in its suburbs.

The electricity board has guaranteed to cut the power only during the daytime, mostly between 10am and 6pm, depending on the area, so students are not disturbed and people will not have to spend sleepless nights after a long day. They have assured people that even the residents’ of politicians and other influential people will not be exceptions.


6 thoughts on “Power Shortage!

  1. Hi Ayush bhaiya,
    Thanks for your comment but I don’t agree with you. In my opinion, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has done the right thing as this initiative may ignite sparks in the minds of the people to come forward and do something to make this world a better place to live in. I think everyone can take this initiative on their own to save the earth’s resources whose end is approaching at a faster rate then ever imagined.

  2. When you have to study for your examinations or depend on your computer for your job and the Government decides to cut off your electricity while you’re using it, then you’ll realise how stupid this is.

    Conservation is done by choice, not by force. When you want to get something done that requires the use of electricity and you cannot, you won’t think “hey, I should conserve electricity”. You’ll think “damn you, you morons!”

    If you want to conserve electricity, you try to educate people through viral campaigns and advertisements. You have no right to shove it down the throats of your dutiful and tax paying citizens. None at all.

    Electricity needs to be conserved, no doubt about that. But this is not how it’s done.

    Enjoy. 🙂

  3. Campaigns and advertisements do create awareness but people never really ‘do’ something to save our planet. If they don’t implement strict steps, our earth will go to the dogs.(as it is , it is not in a very good condition with global warming, water shortage etc.)

    Anyway, the Electricity Board is not suspending power at night, it’s only in the daytime. And I am sure, a little bit of time management will help them to cope up with studies and office assignments. (Remember they know when the power is going to be cut for each area).

  4. Here too 7 hours cuts, it rained so less and Dams are all thirsty :p

    Someone is thinking abt nuclear powerplants, but eventually end up blowing the mother earth with radiation and frying the beings in vicinity with the glow.

    Thanks to the intervention, Mr. mankind 🙄

  5. Hello jit aka T,

    I would appreciate if you could specify the place you are referring in you comment. And, yes, I agree with you it really damages Earth with all the radiations but it has its own advantages too.

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