3-D image on you palm!

Doesn’t it sound exciting when you imagine yourself, holding a 3-D image of the person closest to your heart in your palm? Well, that day isn’t too far. Yes, Japan whose technological accomplishments are many in number is going to come up with a gadget, gCubik, that will enable you to hold a three-dimensional image of anybody and anything.

Researchers hope to develop this gadget which is still at the prototype stage in another three years and even make it appear to speak. The gCubik’s panels have many tiny lenses on liquid crystal displays. Unlike conventional 3D displays, which are viewed only from one side, gCubik can be seen from three sides, giving different images from various angles. Moreover, users will not need special glasses to view the image.

The experts working on this gadget say that this will be very useful to all, irrespective of their profession and age. For example, school teachers can use it in science classes, while elderly people can see the images of their grandchildren living far away.


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