Antarctica ice shelf hanging

Yesterday, while reading the newspaper, I got the shock of my life when I read about a large plate of floating ice shelf which is known by the name ‘Wilkins Ice Shelf’ attached to Antarctica was breaking up and just hanging by its last thread. You may ask me now ‘How is that possible?’ Well, I am sure most of us know the answer as it is the same cause which we read about almost everyday as if it were a part and a parcel of our life. You must have guessed it by now. Yes it is none other than Global Warming.

We all know that the Antarctica peninsula has had one of the highest rates of global warming anywhere in the world in the recent decades. But now even the scientists are beginning to get concerned and puzzled as to how this latest breakup occurred when atmospheric temperatures were at their lowest, I repeat lowest, in the Southern Hemisphere.

According to the newspaper sources – David Vaughan of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said “Current events are showing that we were being too conservative, when we made the prediction in the early 1990s that Wilkins Ice Shelf would be lost within 30 years. The truth is it is going more quickly than we guessed.”


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