Advertising – A new perspective

Some people keep groaning that these so-called 30 seconds keep breaking the flow of movies, and the nail-biting elimination rounds of reality shows. Several others fume as to why they have to see a beautiful young lady coming out of a bathtub with a soap guaranteeing to make your skin as smooth as silk just when they hear of a terrorist attack wrecking havoc. Yet others crib that the print media doesn’t lag behind as they keep running into pages peddling lotions, clothes and what not while checking out new magazines and daily newspapers. A few have even stopped subscribing, complaining that magazines have more space for glossy advertisements.

But I, thank the advertising fraternity for these advertisements. Apart from the obvious benefits like generating employment, educating people about new products plus their services, and bringing out creativity, imagine where we would be if not for these commercial breaks? Our chores would remain unfinished; meals half-cooked or worse uncooked! Shouldn’t we be actually thankful to these ads which keep jumping onto our television screens every other minute, for safeguarding our health? If it weren’t for these exasperating advertisements, would we get up halfway through programmes and get our stipulated 6-7 hour sleep? We wouldn’t.

We will start watching whole programmes and be deprived of essential rest. These ads are also one of the reasons why we see kids indulging themselves in outdoor activities and challenging board games instead of watching Shah Rukh Khan uncle asking a few questions between ads. They have already gathered that they are ‘tez’ than ‘paanchvi pass’. Also, we would never have glossy papers to line our shelves. And, when these ads eventually force us to stop buying magazines, imagine the money we would be saving. Had they not been there every time we are sitting in front of the television screen, urging us to take a break we would have become couch potatoes in no time. We owe them a big one for saving us from self-destruction.


One thought on “Advertising – A new perspective

  1. Hi, Saniya! 🙂

    This entry is totally screwed up. Who ate the paragraph breaks? I wanted to read it but couldn’t take it after a couple of sentences.

    Break it into paragraphs. Always break your posts, and whatever else you write, into paragraphs.

    Enjoy. 🙂

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