Does good technology lead to bad manners?

True, technology has made a huge impact on our lives but everything it has touched hasn’t changed into gold. One of the things tech-haters always moan about is that how the advent of better technology especially in the field of communications, has led to erosion of basic manners and etiquette. Obviously, Tech-lovers consider this to be complaints from the older generations who are not able to adapt themselves to this new techno age and its terms. As always, the truth lies between the two extremes.

Yes, technology has made the world a global village by helping people to communicate with their dear ones far more easily, but there are times when their users forget the people around them and the basic courtesies. They end up indulging in behaviour which is regrettable later.

Here are a few examples where tech-users tend to commit deadly mistakes:

The plugged ear

Most people have a habit of keeping their ears plugged with their iPods even while traveling with family and friends and then they wonder why everyone is silent around them. They just don’t realize that having your ears glued to the music player is just another way to communicate to others that you don not want to be disturbed.

Gadgets at public places

If I had a rupee for every time I have heard a cell phone ring at a public event, I am sure I would have become a millionaire by now. It is good that you love your phone, but nowadays people tend to keep it in a mode that is designed to disturb everyone watching a particular event. No wonder that referees in matches request the crowd to switch off their mobile phones while the game is on. But as usual this has little effect on the masses, who keep them on to draw attention to themselves while the event is going on.

Butchering Grammar

Though, some educational institutions have accepted SMS abbreviations to be used by students, but there are large sections of the human populations who misinterpret informal messages which often leads to miscommunication galore. I remember hearing an incident regarding a mother who got the shock of her life when her son messaged her that he had received “gr8 grades”. She misunderstood it, and thought her son had got an eighth-level grade and had failed. A little sensitivity and sensibility is all that it takes to avoid these gaffes.


9 thoughts on “Does good technology lead to bad manners?

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  2. Hey Saniya,

    It is an interesting blog and very well composed. The usage of words and a bit of idioms here and there…good work!!! But lemme tell you technology rocks! Manners are choice. You either be good or bad!

    Keep up the effort!! love.

  3. Hi,
    I know technology rocks, I am myself a big fan of technology. (I thought you knew that) but what I actually wanted to bring out was that how some people become so engrossed in their own life and material things that they forget basic courtesies and I have just used technology as a medium to prove my point.


  4. LOL! One thing people don’t realise though is that most people who have earphones plugged into their ears in public places can hear what others are saying anyway.

    Of course, plugging them in when you’re out with family and friends is just plain rude, even if you can hear what they’re saying.

    As for cellphones not being put into silent mode and the SMS generation communicating in butchered English, I couldn’t agree more.

    Nice write-up. 🙂

    What is Disha’s blog URL?

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  6. Here’s one for your “bad manners” list concerning cell phones. In the old days when I would talk to your friend on a land-line phone, it could be a “big deal.” My friend and I both had to be home at the same time, and we could do nothing else at that time, except for talk on the phone to each other –often for multiple hours.
    Now we often de-prioritize these calls to friends, and call them just when we’re driving in our cars and bored. So when you get a call from your friend, you know he’s just in his car and has nothing better to do. If you answer it, it’s like you’re LOSING to him since you are at home or work and were doing something else productive before he interrupted you. Technology changes the social system in many subtle and insidious ways.

    Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  7. Hello Bob,
    Technology has many disadvantages but has its advantages too…which no one needs to be told. But I do agree with your point, today people are so busy in their own world that they don’t have the time to call up even their close friends except when they are feeling bored.

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