While going through the newspaper, I read about a 88-year old woman being driven out of her house by her own nine children and was later found roaming about in the streets, struggling for food and shelter. This inspired me to pen down my thoughts about ‘Homelessness’. So, here I am voicing out my opinion.

Homelessness, the extreme form of housing need has become a growing concern globally. The number of people who are finding themselves on the streets is constantly increasing. With the decrease in number of available jobs, the population of homeless people has literally boomed. The causes of homelessness are many and varied. Some of the causes in my opinion are: 

· Relationship Breakdowns

· Loss of Income or Unemployment

· Chronic lack of affordable housing.

Homelessness has its impacts not only on health but also on educational achievements and employment opportunities. But the question is, what can the government do to decrease the problem?

Although, there is no quick and easy answer to solve this difficult problem, the government can co-operate with today’s generation studying political sciences and have them work for this cause, then, the answer to decrease the homeless population will be effectively answered. In this way, the government will save on expenses and at the same time the students will have a chance to implement what they have learned in real-life situations.

In conclusion. I think our homeless problem could be rooted out if everyone were to take part and stop being self-centered.













One thought on “Homelessness

  1. “here am I voicing out my opinion”

    That’s wrong. It will be “here I am voicing out my opinion”.


    Send out the full articles in your RSS feed. In your WordPress settings, you’ve set it to send out only excerpts.


    Keep up the writing. This was a good article. 🙂

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