Save Mother Earth…

Did you ever want to live your life with diseases with no cure, no water, the most essential part of our lives, with no clothes to cover our bare bodies under the scorching heat of the sun, with no food to eat? I am sure our spines shiver and shoulders shudder to even think about a life without water, food, cloth. To ensure that we and our upcoming generations do not face such a doomsday, we must do something, but the question remains what? We can make an effort to save our dear Mother Earth. Maybe our efforts will inspire other people to do the same.

Though you may like the style of snobbish people who say that it is very down–market to use recycled products, but it isn’t so when you can make a difference in the world by saving three trees, if we use just one recycled paper. We can also reduce the use of plastics, by using jute/paper bags for shopping, and for our other needs. We can use plastic only and only for disposing off our waste materials. As school students and teenagers we can ride our bikes and go to school which will help in reducing air/ noise pollution, traffic jams etc. If it is practically not possible for you to ride to school, as your house is too far, then all children can get together and have a pool-car system, which will help parents in their economic needs, and if even five children go to school together in one car, we will be able to reduce the cost of petrol/diesel per house.

Imagine just one day without electricity..isn’t it worse than a nightmare? If you want to avoid frequent black-outs, you need to make an effort at least in your own houses/schools/colleges and switch off the lights, fans, coolers, air conditioners and other electrical appliances when not in use. This will help us to preserve energy and save it for future use for the upcoming generations. Now, please don’t say that you don’t care about the future generations, because if you do, think that your own children will have sleepless nights, no cures to their health problems, no water.

So, today make a resolution to make an effort to stop global warming and give a better world to the future citizens of the world. Also, thank your elders for giving you a very nice, sweet world to live in and pass on the same. Remember, if you make an effort, you can make a dent in the universe!!

Also make it a point to read my post Facts on Global Warming from The Times Of India.


2 thoughts on “Save Mother Earth…

  1. ur blog was great.

    only thing, make sure ricky never gets hold of ur blog-he might feel very bad u arent going bananas over him.

  2. Hi suudharshana,
    Thanx for visiting my blog….
    & don’t worry if I ever write a blog on cricket i’ll make sure I mention him.!!!

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