Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

In this highly competitive world, telecom has become an essential part of our lives irrespective of caste and creed in our society. Gone are the olden days, when people used to wait for days or even months to receive a letter from their near and dear ones. In today’s world wireless connections like mobile phones have taken the place of pigeons and hand-written letters, making communication much easier and faster. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages and mobile phones are no exceptions. They impact our health thereby affecting our wealth also.

Tumors, earaches, impairment of hearing capacity are just some of the effects caused by the happening cell phones. The radiations emitted also affect our heart, especially if they are kept in the shirt pocket. According to some scientists, the radiations may even cause cancer. In addition, complaints of cell phone explosions from around the world are reported in which many people have lost their eyesight, hearing power and have got serious burns all over their face and hands.

Mobile phones, unquestionably useful tools, have spoilt people as they are loosing their memory capacity and have reached a stage where they have become indispensable and even the thought of losing or misplacing them scares people. In layman terms, people become helpless if they have to be without their cell phones even for half an hour!

Though we use mobile phones as a communicating tool, it is lessening the face to face interactions within the family itself. This is very harmful to human values and to the society as a whole. Seeing each other in person and having face to face conversations helps people to have better relations and understanding than through mobile phones.

So at the end of this, don’t you agree with me that the impacts due to mobile phones are predominantly on to the negative side?


One thought on “Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

  1. of course they hav many diadvantages….
    y……2 pple sitting in room with only a few metres between communicate with their mobiles!

    maybe one day d humans on d world may end up forgettin g 2 speak and instead communticating by SMS!

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