Honking a nuisance?

The answer to this question, most scientists, environmentalists etc., would say yes. Nowadays, people who drive vehicles just don’t care about the people around them and the earth itself being affected. According to a survey conducted by a few news channels recently report that most people honk as they find it entertaining and use it as a medium to express their impatience. The question still remains…what does the government or the citizens of India do to stop the honking mania? In answer to this the Mumbai police broke the ice by enforcing a rule on 7th April ’08 that no citizen should honk in Mumbai unless he/she wanted to loose a five-hundred or a thousand rupee note. Don’t you think this is a good way to avoid the ill-effects caused by the noise pollution like headaches, loosening of hearing capacity, impatience, accidents, short & hot temperedness etc? In my opinion, it should be practiced in other cities of India as well and should be passed as a law that honking must be avoided and used only if it is essential. Don’t you think so?


2 thoughts on “Honking a nuisance?

  1. Hi Saniya,
    Glad to read your blog and I love this place. You are a fantastic writer who can take a place in the hearts of the audience1
    Honking is a major problem in India. There is a “No Horn Please” sign near my school but the people still keep on honking and it disturbs the students studying…hope people read this post and learn a lesson too 😀

  2. Dear Saniya,

    Iam from Chennai and I want to do ANTI HONKING CAMPAIGN.Need your ideas.
    I have seen people honking just behind the elderly,school children,physically handicapped,so on.
    I was no saint until my horn malfunctioned and for a week had to drive without honking.Not only did my driving improve,my Braking time reaction improved,stress levels now under control.Some of my findings over the last two years as to why people honk.
    1.No formal training.
    2.Even driving schools encourage it
    3.Intolerance & insensitivity & impatience
    4.Stressed up Sadists
    5.Educated neo rich showoffs.
    6.Lack of knowledge of traffic rules and road signs
    7.Dark windows and visibility handicap
    8.Loud music
    9.Sad.Ladies honk more
    11.Lack of confidence in driving
    12.Rolled up windows
    13.Owners worse than drivers

    I offered Rs.1000/- as cash prize to my friends,relatives,colleagues to give me 5 valid reasons for the need to Honk.Its 3 months,no single reason as yet.Would increase to 5k soon.You can get your network involved to my offer.

    Now my driver too stopped honking.Success stories of 2 GOOD DRIVERS………..

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