What should schools be like?

People often wonder, “In which school should I send my child to so that my child can face the modern world?” In my opinion,

To prepare today’s younger citizens to face the modern world they need to be fully-equipped and in order to prepare them, the educational system must be such, which will develop their personality and help them be all-rounders. Schools should encourage co-operative leaning by giving them projects which would inculcate the value of team-work. Communication skills are very important to express ideas and children can gain exposure through journal writing, creative drama etc. Reading good books and newspapers will help children to see the world with new perspectives. Children should be encouraged to know the culture and tradition thus helping to pass on requisite knowledge to future generations. This can be achieved by the means of music, drama, dance etc.students should be encouraged to write art reviews which will not only help their writing skills but will help them to respect and appreciate art. Problem solving and crisis management skills need to be developed to avoid stress and to achieve this goal-a creative, free-wheeling & resourceful approach to problems can be scored by virtue of the sheer practicality of lateral thinking which will train students to use innovative methods of thought to equip them better to tackle the changing scenario of the modern world. But what about the children wilth learning disabilities? For this all schools must have dyslexia centers under specially trained teachers to work at addressing the specific learning disabilities that hinder his/her academic progress. In today’s world physical education ios more essential than ever which can be encouraged though promotion of taking sporting activity helping develop spirit, surviving skills and a balance between both physically & mentally. To hone the students’ skills and widen their academic and co-curricular horizons, enrichment activities to enhance the talents of the potentially gifted children through competitive exams. Computer assisted learning programmes and audio-visual facilities will groom students to meet the challenges of the new techno world order and will also improve their listening and speaking skills respectively. Guest-lectures will bring nuggets of wisdom and discovery methods will make science and math classes more interesting. Service programmes should be taken up to teach the children the value of code of conduct and to render service to the community in the spirit of humanity and dedication.


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